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The idea of me getting tattooed was a result of watching for years band members of the metal music scene. When I was fifteen a brought a […]


Unicorn Tattoo Studio first opened in early 2001 in the center of Glifada and has since been a benchmark in the most commercial street of the area. […]


As any tattooed person would tell you, the most common questions we get are, "How many tattoos do you have? How much does it hurt? What does […]


HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine was in London on the 26th, 27th and 28th of September at the spacious and beautiful Tobacco Dock – as usual –  for the […]


HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine photographed all the winners of the 1st Thessalonink’s tattoo contests. Photos by Ino Mei. Day 1 – Friday 19 September Best Tribal: Kostas Pliakas […]


The first thing that amazed me when I arrived at the port of Thessaloniki was the amazing space and everything surrounding it. My surprise continued when I […]


Thessalonink, the first and long awaited tattoo festival in the city of Thessaloniki, starts tomorrow. HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine spoke with the organizers, George Mavridis and Fotis Lazos. Thessalonink will be taking place […]


Thessalonink, the first and long awaited tattoo festival in the city of Thessaloniki, starts tomorrow. HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine spoke with the organizers, George Mavridis and Fotis Lazos. […]


Ozone, aka Dimitris Tentzeris, spoke to HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine about his longtime relationship with painting, the art of tattoo for the sake of which he dropped out […]


The first tattoo and piercing pictures that I have in my mind are from my childhood; while traveling around the world with my parents. They have the […]


Tattoo bears a special magic for me. It can act as a window through which we can see inside, or a shield to protect us from those […]


Having myself previously visited the magnificent land of Japan, I waited with great interest for the arrival of "Tattoo in Japan" book of Edition Reuss. Browsing and […]